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Stoner Holiday Movie Guide

Here’s our run down of the best stoner holiday movies to watch when you’re all baked out and have that winter cabin fever.  These are in no particular order as some times when you’re stoned out you want to see a funny movie but other times it’s more cheesy movie.  These stoner holiday movies are […]

Legalization Update – Election 2016 Edition

Yes! Many more victories in states across the US. Marijuana Now Legal for Recreational Use: Massachusetts Maine California Nevada Arizona Marijuana Now Legal for Medial Use: Arizona Arkansas North Dakota Montana  

4 Steps to Clean A Pipe

1) Start by making sure to remove and loosen any resin, plant material, or bud from the pipe. Holding the pipe upside down or running hot water through it quickly are good ways to remove loose gunk from the pipe. Typically we let hot tap water run through the pipe for at least 20-30min. Also […]