The History of 420: Unraveling the Origin

In the world of cannabis culture, few numbers hold as much significance as 420. This mysterious number has become synonymous with marijuana enthusiasts and has transcended its humble beginnings to become a global symbol of cannabis appreciation. But what is the history of 420, and how did it come to be associated with stoner culture? […]

Legalization Update – Election 2016 Edition

Yes! Many more victories in states across the US. Marijuana Now Legal for Recreational Use: Massachusetts Maine California Nevada Arizona Marijuana Now Legal for Medial Use: Arizona Arkansas North Dakota Montana  

10 Things To Do On 4/20

10) Take a hike. There’s plenty of places to go. If you live in a city take a short ride, bus, bike outta town to see some nature. If you’re in the woods already, get yourself somewhere new. Try out some exploring and get lost for 4:20 at 4/20. 9) Join a celebration. There’s plenty […]