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Stoner Holiday Movie Guide

Here’s our run down of the best stoner holiday movies to watch when you’re all baked out and have that winter cabin fever.  These are in no particular order as some times when you’re stoned out you want to see a funny movie but other times it’s more cheesy movie.  These stoner holiday movies are the best out there.


The Current Top States For Amount of Dispensaries

  1. California – 841 Shops ActiveLos Angeles (Largest City) – 135 dispensaries
  2. Washington – 462 ShopsSeattle, Wa Largest City – 300+
  3. Colorado – 454Denver, Co (Largest City – 215)
  4. Oregon – 368 ShopsPortland, OR (Largest City) – 167 dispensaries
  5. Alaska – 119 Shops Active or Soon to Be ActiveAnchorage (Largest City) – 9 Dispensaries

Legalization Update – Election 2016 Edition


Many more victories in states across the US.

Marijuana Now Legal for Recreational Use:

  • Massachusetts
  • Maine
  • California
  • Nevada
  • Arizona

Marijuana Now Legal for Medial Use:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • North Dakota
  • Montana


4 Steps to Clean A Pipe

1) Start by making sure to remove and loosen any resin, plant material, or bud from the pipe. Holding the pipe upside down or running hot water through it quickly are good ways to remove loose gunk from the pipe. Typically we let hot tap water run through the pipe for at least 20-30min. Also try filling the pipe up with hot water and shaking the pipe while covering the holes. This should loosen and remove the bigger chunks of resin and plant material still left in the pipe.

We recommend avoiding using things such as wire, stiff pipe cleaners, or other materials / utensils which could break the glass. This is especially true with the parts of the pipe which have thinner glass ie. the bowl, mouthpiece, etc.

2) Using a a plastic bag that will fit your pipe, fill it with isopropyl, rubbing alcohol with enough alcohol to for the pipe to be full submerged. 90% isopropyl is much better than the 70% solution. 90% will clean the pipe faster than 70% solution.

Add 1-5 tablespoons of salt to the bag with the pipe in it. Adjust salt level according to size of pipe and amount of alcohol. You’ll want it to be very salty. Salt will act like an abrasive sponge on your pipe, scrubbing away the resin in places you could never reach with a sponge or brush.

3) Shake the pipe in the plastic bag, making sure to work the salt into the inside of the pipe and into all the parts of the pipe. Use your fingers to close off the openings to the pipe and shake the pipe for 10+ minutes.

4) Once the pipe is visibly clean to your liking, take out the pipe. Using hot water rinse the pipe and rub the pipe down with clean paper towels.

10 Things To Do On 4/20

10) Take a hike.
There’s plenty of places to go. If you live in a city take a short ride, bus, bike outta town to see some nature. If you’re in the woods already, get yourself somewhere new. Try out some exploring and get lost for 4:20 at 4/20.

9) Join a celebration.
There’s plenty of 4/20 happenings going on all around the world. Make sure to talk to a few people and you’ll find some new friends.

8) Visit a long lost stoner friend.
No better time then the present to reach out to an old stoner buddy to have a smoke. Old friends are worth the effort.

7) Go to the beach.
If you can the ocean is a must but if not any lake, river, or marsh will work. Just let yourself get out there to breath some fresh air while you puff one down to celebrate the day!

6) Play Mini Golf / Putt Putt.
Can’t go wrong here. It might be a bit tough to smoke during so you might want to plan ahead :)

5) Take a stoney ride.
Grab a sober friend to drive you and your buddies around town or around the state. Get lost in a new area you haven’t seen before. See some spring sun while toking down on a spring buds.

4) Meet someone new at a Meetup.
Meet some like minded new people at a meetup group. If you’re in a city then chances are there’s a stoner friendly group out there just waiting to meetup.

3) Play a pot smoking game with your buddies.
Did someone say BONG HIT POWER HOUR? Treat yourself and your buddies right but pretty much just smoking a bunch of herb while celebrating the day.

2) Visit a museum.
So much history. A little puff before and you’ll be immersed in a world of new idea, thoughts, art, and science. Don’t neglect your local museum.

1) Smoke!
Pretty obvious right? I hope so.