Highly Appealing’s 10 Things To Do While Stoned / High

Here’s our short and to the point list of some of our favorite things to do while stoned.  Smoke one down, pass it around and follow our list of 10 unique ideas to do while stoned.

Some of quite obvious and some aren’t so let the list begin:

11.  Bowling.  A string (game) or two will do you good.  Just leave the scoring to the machine.

10. Play Disc Golf.  There’s courses all over, there’s fields all over, so grab your self some discs and get throwing.  I’m sure you’ll run into a few other stoners while out there.

9.  Play catch with a buddy.  Ball, frisbee, or whatever.  Toss it around and see how enjoyable such as simple activity can be.

8.  Video Game it up.  Pull out some classics from the early years is our go to but even the new games have some charm.

7.  Take a walk.  Just a walk, nothing crazy.  It’s good to get outside.

6.  Draw something.  Just anything.  Put your mind on paper and see what happens.

5.  Watch anti-pot videos.  It’s funny to see just how off they can be.  Laugh and laugh and laugh.

4.  Stargazing.  Seriously, go check out the stars and if you’re stuck in a concrete jungle ie. city then get a non stoned buddy to drive you to the country.

3.  Eat.  Munchies had to be on the list right?

2. Live music.  Whatever type of music you fancy.  It’s worth it seeing it live…. and stoned.

1. Get Some Lovin’ – Can’t complain about sex while stoned

We threw in an extra thing to do in there because we’re nice like that.  Now go out there and get shit done!