Take your stoner gift game to the next level with Twister, the uproarious party classic that spices up your gatherings. Respond to the referee’s cues – “Left Foot… Yellow!” – as you twist and reach on the vinyl mat. Embrace the challenge of staying on your feet while laughing with friends. A perfect test of balance and flexibility for those aged 6 and up. Originating in 1966, Twister is a guaranteed source of laughter and fun. The package includes the vinyl mat, spinner board, and instructions, ensuring a twist-packed experience.




Elevate your game nights with a touch of humor and challenge – introducing Twister, the uproarious party classic that promises memorable moments with friends and a side of laughter. Unleash your flexibility and balance as you contort your body around the mat, responding to the referee’s playful cues.

Picture this: “Left Foot… Yellow!” In this stoner gift, your mission is clear – place your left foot on the yellow circle on the mat. Sounds simple, right? But as the game unfolds, you’ll find yourself in a comical tangle, reaching and twisting to follow the referee’s prompts. It’s all about staying on your feet and out-twisting your buddies to claim victory.

With over forty years of history, Twister has proven its enduring appeal since its debut in 1966. Originally showcased on The Tonight Show, this game captures attention with its straightforward yet entertaining concept. The package includes a plastic mat adorned with vibrant red, blue, yellow, and green spots, a spinner, and comprehensive instructions.

Gather your friends and prepare for a laugh-inducing challenge. The referee takes charge, spinning the spinner and announcing a body part and color (“Left foot, blue,” “Right hand, yellow”). As the commands echo, players respond simultaneously, placing the indicated body part on an empty circle. The hilarity intensifies as the game progresses, culminating in a delightful human puzzle where toppling is the ultimate defeat.

Twister’s charm lies in its ability to bring friends closer through shared laughter and playful competition. It’s a true test of balance, flexibility, and agility, perfect for stoner gift recipients looking to add a twist to their gatherings.

Crafted in the United States, Twister’s impact endures, making it a classic source of joy and bonding. The package includes a vinyl mat, spinner board, and instructions – everything you need to get started on your uproarious adventure.

Incorporate a touch of challenge and a lot of fun into your social occasions with Twister. Get ready to out-twist your opponents, creating laughter-filled memories that linger long after the game is over.