Raw Rolling Paper Bundle – Cone Artist Pack

$16.99 (as of December 13, 2018, 2:40 am)

1 Cone Artist Cone Maker tool
2 Packs of Raw King size Slim
1 pack Of Raw Pre Rolled Cone tips
1 black velvet bag


I’ve been practice my free hand cone joint rolling skills and let me tell you that it isn’t easy. Do you pre-roll the cone and stuff the herb in or do you roll the papers with the herb in it? I’ve been trying to roll a cone without a filter and doesn’t require packing or stuffing herb into a tube or roll. It’s not easy and it’s not for everyone. Luckily there’s the “Cone Artist Pack” Raw Rolling Paper Bundle. This unique and ultimate stoner give is perfect for any J smoker or friend.

This rolling paper bundle features a Cone Artist which is a contraption made to roll cones. It was created by Swedish smokers and allows the roller to roll, fill, and stuff the cone to the perfect capacity and density. Rolling a cone is hard enough but rolling a perfect cone is a thing of beauty. Also featured in the Cone Artist pack are 2 packs of King size slim papers, 1 pack of pre-rolled cone tips and 1 black velvet bag to hold them all.

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